Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore 

A whimsical feast awaits the beholder of this film, as magical creatures collide with the  back story of one of the wizarding worlds most beloved characters: Dumbledore. 

A young professor Dumbledore, played by Jude Law, must face the catastrophe caused by the decisions of his formative years as he attempts to take down what once was an friend, but now a vengeful enemy. 

The enemy in question, Gellert Grindlewald, once played by the now disgraced Johnny Depp in the franchises previous films, has now been reassigned to the equally talented Mads Mikkelsen, who quite frankly non other than absolutely nails the position of evil wizard with such ease, it’s hard to notice the recasting at all. 

In terms of special effects, the budget must have been absolutely smashed, because every inch of the film has a magical element to it, from eccentric wand duels to the intricate details carved into the numerous beasts that grace the screen. 

Though this film certainly doesn’t have the same extensive plot as was to expected from the original Harry Potter films, there is still enough of a storyline to carry the film into a limelight of its own, with the added pleasure of not having a novel to compare it to. 

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