Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness

Madness may just been a state of mind for some, but Doctor Strange makes madness a myth as he plunges into the multiverse reversing reality like never before.

Benedict Cumberbatch steps into his cloaked persona once more as Doctor Stephen Strange, taking us on a journey of madness as he discovers multiple versions of himself in a mind-bending tour of the multiverse.

The premise of the film, revolves around a girl with powers not even she can control. As her story envelops the plot, Doctor Strange and his associates must devise a way to protect her throughout the many universes she is able to travel to, whilst fighting off a most unsuspecting villain, The Scarlet Witch, whose intentions aren’t exactly stereotypical of a classic power-hungry titan. 

Though the film sounds like a mind-boggling fantasy, action packed with twists and turns, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The CGI is a little lack lustre, and pace not always as fast as one might come to expect from Marvel Studios. Coupled with the fact that the film gives a lot of weird romance vibes, it’s not perhaps the best superhero film to hit screens.

But if you’re prepared for an average superhero film, then this is probably what you’ll find yourself watching the next time you head to the big screen.

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