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Welcome to The Cinematic Explorer, that *points to the above image* is me, Chantelle – Hi!

Cinema, to me, is a way to escape the busy world that surrounds us. Writing, too, offers much the same sanctuary.

Alas, The Cinematic Explorer was born.

Encouraging the exploration of cinema is a relentlessly tough battle in today’s Hollywood, but I strive to watch as many culturally diverse and different genres so as to give my readers a true taste of the film’s available to them.

Some of my favourite films are more often than not the unusual ones, which, unfortunately, never seem to reach the same critical acclaim as what one may call the Hollywood formula (I’m looking at you Mr. Bond).

But I digress…

I will be trying my very hardest to create new content for you all every week; don’t worry, I’m just as dubious about that promise as you are.

Peace out and remember to always explore cinema.