Ever wondered how to make a giant look realistic? Me neither, but Disney seem to have mulled it over, and quite successfully achieved the impossible.

Disney have continued in their quest to convert cartoon classics into live action duplicates, but I’m afraid to say that this is not their finest work.

Sure, everyone loves the BFG, who wouldn’t? But to convert a classic that has warmed the hearts of so many children is a feat that must be approached and produced with careful optimism. And a feat that unfortunately Disney have not achieved.

But fear not, the film isn’t a total disgrace; on the contrary the production side of this family feature has been executed with ease. In fact, the BFG couldn’t look any more realistic and lovable if he tried.

No, it is certainly not the production that has failed; it is the acting, or rather the lack of it. Whilst incredibly endearing, the little girl cast as Sophie doesn’t quite sell the story. That being said, we can’t expect too much from an 11 year old.

If anything, I’m more concerned over Spielberg’s lack of directorial towards his actors, given his reputable history.

But Alas, we cannot always get it right, and as much as it pains me to say it, neither Disney or Spielberg have managed to make this film as magical as Roald Dahl had intended it to be.