Independence Day: Resurgence

You would have thought they’d learnt not to antagonise aliens by now, but alas, here they are twenty years later still ignoring excellence advice, and using futile weaponry.

In this frighteningly good sequel,  twenty years has passed since the last alien invasion threatened to ruin civilisation, and  yet nothing has changed; the aliens are back, and the human race still seem to be conducting themselves with alarming levels of stupidity.

Whilst the plot may be very much the same as the pre-existing franchise, the characters and quality of special effects has changed almost unrecognisably.

Now, I don’t want to be the one to bring up painful memories, but seeing as the main character, Captain Hiller, was evicted from the prequel to this film due to his assumed death, it of course left the series with rather a large hole. So what better way to fill such a void then to use the captain’s son and carry on the family business. Admittedly with new characters, comes new stories, but luckily for us they have seamlessly linked these characters to the veterans to make easy viewing.

Talking of viewing, the producers truly did go to town with the budget provided. If there’s not an explosion happening, then they’ll be a weird looking alien on screen.

Because after all, we all know that it’s the aliens and explosions that makes independence worth watching, and definitely not the countless hours creating content that the screenwriter sacrificed to make the story worthwhile.