Pete’s Dragon

Living in the woods with a fluffy dragon would be any little boy’s dream, but this is no dream, this is Pete’s reality.

After being orphaned following a horrific car accident that killed both his parents, Pete just happened to wonder into the woods and come across a friendly dragon – just keep in mind this is a Disney creation – who adopts him.

But this is not the end of the story, it is simply the beginning. Being a curious boy, Pete cannot help himself when he sets his eyes on another human, leading him to draw unwanted attention to both himself, and his dragon.

As this is a live-action film, Disney have put unquantifiable effort into ensuring the Dragon looks just as fitting as the actors, and it truly would be an understatement to say that they delivered. Not only does the dragon look so unbelievably realistic, the detail put into the CGI is simply unexplainable. The dragons hair alone is enough to please any animator, especially when you think of the sheer amount of hairs such a beast would possess.

It is not, however, not just the technical wizardry that makes this film so incredible, it is the story that really sets this film up for its inevitable success. To see a young boy have so much love for a creature that cannot even indulge him in conversation is a beautiful thing to behold.