Suspended in space for the hope of a better life on a new planet. At least that’s what the sleeping passengers aboard the Avalon are hoping for. 

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Not all are lucky enough to remain asleep for the duration of the 120 year journey however; Jim, a passenger, finds himself woken up as the ships systems begin to malfunction. 

After a year of seclusion from human interaction, Jim makes a very controversial decision; he wakes up fellow passenger, Aurora Lane, to gain some companionship.

Despite his somewhat selfish decision to alter her life forever, the two become romantically involved, which as you can imagine was fairly predictable given the fact they were the only ones awake out of the 5,000 passengers on board. 

As romantic as this voyage may seem, the happy couple are soon brought to an abrupt reminder of reality, as the ships systems threaten to fail, endangering not only their lives, but the lives of everyone on board. 

In recent years there has been a swift increase in the amount of space related content hitting the big screen, due to the advance in cinematic technology that allows CGI simulated space backdrops which are just about as realistic as a NASA documentary. 

Whilst this film is admittedly not in the same league as Star Wars, as space orientated films go it does boast characters who have both sass and personalities to fall in love with. And no one fits better into this category better than Arthur; a metallic droid with a big heart. 

This film is certainly not an original concept, but it is an enjoyable one, especially given the fact it stars both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, a duo that anyone would give their left arm to be stuck in space with, or is that just me?