Pete’s Dragon

Living in the woods with a fluffy dragon would be any little boy’s dream, but this is no dream, this is Pete’s reality.

After being orphaned following a horrific car accident that killed both his parents, Pete just happened to wonder into the woods and come across a friendly dragon – just keep in mind this is a Disney creation – who adopts him.

But this is not the end of the story, it is simply the beginning. Being a curious boy, Pete cannot help himself when he sets his eyes on another human, leading him to draw unwanted attention to both himself, and his dragon.

As this is a live-action film, Disney have put unquantifiable effort into ensuring the Dragon looks just as fitting as the actors, and it truly would be an understatement to say that they delivered. Not only does the dragon look so unbelievably realistic, the detail put into the CGI is simply unexplainable. The dragons hair alone is enough to please any animator, especially when you think of the sheer amount of hairs such a beast would possess.

It is not, however, not just the technical wizardry that makes this film so incredible, it is the story that really sets this film up for its inevitable success. To see a young boy have so much love for a creature that cannot even indulge him in conversation is a beautiful thing to behold.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Trying to find a wedding date has never been so unpredictably hilarious.

Mike and Dave have been ordered by their father to find appropriate wedding dates for their sisters wedding. 

So what better way to advertise that you need a date then to broadcast it to the world using Craigslist?

Unsurprisingly, this dating tactic doesn’t work out too well for them, that is until their ad makes it onto national television, which just happens to attract the attention of two seemingly appropriate girls.

Unbeknown  to Mike and Dave these girls are taking them for a ride, and actually have no interest whatsoever in being their dates; their just tagging along for the free trip to Hawaii (the wedding destination). 

Whilst these girls seem respectable at first, it soon becomes clear that not all is as it seems when drama ensues at the wedding rehearsal dinner; from giving ecstasy to the bride, to frolicking with family members, it’s safe to say that these girls are not as innocent as the boys were first led to believe. 

With this film starring the likes of Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron, the talent is shockingly on point, and no, I’m not just talking about their attractiveness, though that is a plus. 

The jokes are rife in this film, with pretty much every sexual innuendo under the sun being mentioned at some point. But it’s not just the comedy element that holds this film together, the story itself is one of romantic triumph, even if it is a little unconventional. 

This film is basically the love child of The Wedding Crashers and Bridesmaids; hilarious, but numb in parts.


Uncompromisingly daring, but full of pure grit.

A game like none other hits New York City, and causes quite a commotion. 

The game is Nerve. To win you must complete the dares assigned to you. There is only one rule; don’t snitch. 

But before you become part of the game you must first answer this question – are you a watcher or a player? 

Vee is a player; an epic mistake on her part. What starts out as a fun escapade, soon turns into a brutal reality.

Because Vee breaks the one and only rule, leading her to become a prisoner to the game. However, luckily for her, she has a handsome accomplish, and a bunch of loyal friends to help her out. 

Upon first glance, this film seemed like a terrible teen fantasy flick, but this, it turns out, was a horribly bad judgement call. This films originality is something that Hollywood has lacked for some time.

To turn a game of dare into such a realistic entity is a concept that can only be admired. Not once in this films 93 minutes does it feel as if the action is unsupported or that the story is lacks vigour. 

On the contrary, this film makes you, a watcher, feel part of the on screen world, part of the game. And for a film to truly entice you on this level, is not only a rarity, but a pleasure.