6 Word Movie Tag

Found this really awesome tag over on Through My Eyes, so thought I’d give it a bash.

The rules:

  • Choose 5 movies that you like.
  • Create a 6 word synopsis of the movies.
  • Do include the image provided (no idea what image that’s referring to, so apologies in advance).
  • Tag 5 other bloggers and inform them (probably not going do that).

So, here goes nothing…

Harry Potter – Boy with scar kills evil wizard.

Rocky – Guy boxes a lot, usually wins.

Peter Pan – boy runs away, never grows up.

The Edge of Seventeen – angsty teenage girl hates everyone/everything.

Lord of the Rings – dude goes on quest, finds ring.

I know the whole point of a tag is to well, tag people, but honestly I don’t like to force people into these kind of posts, so I’m just going to leave this open for anyone else to pick up should they wish too.

Peace out and continue to explore cinema.

Movie Love Tag

With all the tags around for book bloggers, I was starting to feel a little left out, but luckily for me I can across the Movie Love Tag over on getting through anxiety, and so thought I’d give it a go for myself.

1.) What movie could you not live without?

Peter Pan, it’s my absolute favourite film. The Disney animated version though, obviously.

2.) Oh brother! What movie did you hate?

So I recently attempted to watch the film Fist Fight, starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day, and it was literally one of the worst film concepts I have ever seen, with absolutely no coherent story-line and zero direction.

3.) Such a good point! What movie did you find meaningful and prolific?

Million Dollar Baby. I watched this film with my dad when it first came out and really just fell in love with the film-making process, because I was so starstruck that such a brutal story could be told in a such a beautiful way.

4.) If only I could remember… A movie that you’d like to possibly revisit because it’s been so long since you last saw it.

Rocky. I love all the Rocky films, but I just never get around to watching them much.

5.) Well, that was scary. What’s your favorite horror movie?

None. Because they’re all horrible and terrifying and I hate them.

6.) Well, that was disappointing! What movie did you think would be a lot better than it actually was?

Ugh, there’s so many over-hyped films these days, so it’s hard to pick just one. But if I really had to choose, I guess I’d say Creed. I absolutely loved the original Rocky films, and quite frankly I just wish they’d left the story alone.

7.) Just saw it and loved it! Last good movie you saw?

Beauty and the Beast; it’s everything I dreamed off and more.

8.) I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! What movie do you really want to see?

Spider-man: Homecoming. The level of excitement I have for this film is just unexplainable.

9.) Has everyone seen this movie but me? A popular movie that you’ve never seen.


10.) Christmas is soon! What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Love Actually; it’s just not Christmas without this film. I also always re-watch the Harry Potter series around the same time, because they too encapsulate Christmas for me.

By all means, if you feel compelled to do so, please go ahead and do this tag.