Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is back to his old flirty flying ways in this long awaited Top Gun sequel.

In this sentimental hit, Maverick must make peace with the past as he joins the new generation of Top Gun to teach the unteachable in a mission that hits close to home.

Cruise finds solace in his deceased partners son, played brilliantly by Miles Teller, to join forces and ultimately defeat the enemy using an outlandish flight path.

The crew on this film have done a fantastic job of bringing Top Gun into the future with an uncanny ease that makes it feel like we’ve been part of the story all along.

As is to be expected, this film packs a punch with the unrivalled stunts, mostly performed by the actors themselves, and a realism that engulfs the viewer in an experience that makes for a fresh change in today’s cinematic world.

Action, comedy and romance is all encapsulated in this must-see film that is sure to leave in the most rebellious of film-fanatics wanting more.

Bleed for This

Boxing has never looked more painful.

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From the biographical tales of Vinny Pazienza, Miles Teller takes on the lead role in a biopic that is sure to have you wincing in your seats, as you see the boxing mongrel recover from a career debilitating injury to a world-champion in less than a year.

Though the plot is filled with triumphant bravery and ambition, it does at times seem to lag in parts, almost making it seem anticlimactic and predictable. And while the acting talent is rife, but not necessarily popular, even the likes of Aaron Eckert and Miles Teller cannot save this film from its deplorable production which makes the two hour feature film feel like a life sentence that will never end.

Director, Ben Young, may not have the best editing team to boast about, but the design team, at the very least, have nailed the medical props needed to create the films authenticity, without making the sets feel overly complex. From the Halo brace worn by Teller for a vast majority of the film, to the props placed in his room following the procedure that aids his recovery, the credibility of the props remains very much apparent and relevant throughout.

This film is unlikely to win any awards and yet, nonetheless, there is some hidden gems within this biographical adaptation that almost makes you forget about what seems like a buffering plot.