Going In Style

When someone steals your pension fund, there’s only one thing to do; steal it back. 

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Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin star in this Zack Braff led production, which takes the hilarity of an elderly led heist job and sprinkles it with a heartbreaking backstory which is bound to bring a tear to the eye of even the most manly of men. 

With such legendary acting talent, you’d be hard pushed to find a fault with the execution of the characters, who seem to bring natural wonder to even the dullest of scenes. 

The plot is a particularly strong concept that truly connects the audience to its subject, using everyone’s worst nightmare; losing your pension. But rather than taking the drama route, the script redirects to find the comic relief in such a devastating circumstance, allowing old friendships to become a crime partnership. 

With brief appearances from the likes of Christopher Lloyd, it’s safe to say the casting team absolutely nailed the auditions. Rather than shying away from the older actors, this film embraces them in all their glory and allows the audience to share the magic of age in the pursuit of happiness.