Free State of Jones

There’s nothing that appeals more to an audience than an opening scene panning a battle field full of blood drenched dying soldiers. Wait, is that just me?

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Easing the audience into this film gently was clearly never on the cards for the writers and producers. From the offset you are made fully aware that you have entered into the most historic civil war America has ever bared witness to, and at times it feels as though no details were spared. Especially when it comes to the endless and apparently infinite opportunities for blood splattering bullet penetration. 


Though perhaps unpleasantly vulgar at times, you cannot help but think the actions taken throughout this films duration only tells a small proportion of what these characters realistically endured, especially when taking into consideration that the story that leads this film was birthed from real life events. 


With a story as horrific as this film is attempting to portray, it can often prove challenging to keep an audience engaged, but the way in which this film has been produced makes the transition from reality to onscreen showmanship almost seem easy. With the camera angles keeping the viewers curious, the music rewarding the emotions and the actors glowing with envious talent it can only be deemed a cinematic pleasure to see such a powerful and influential piece of American history come to life on the big screen.


The only slight hiccup in the editing process of this film is the amount of screen time that managed to make it to the cinema; all 140 minutes of it to be exact. At times the film feels as though it is some sort of punishment that will never cease, which quite frankly makes you want to hurt or seriously maim Matthew McConaughey’s character just so that you can put an end to it all.