Finding Dory

There’s never been a more endearing Disney character then this little blue fish; she’s voiced by Ellen DeGeneres and ready to take on the Ocean.

Now that Nemo is safely back home and reunited with his father, it’s time to begin the next quest; finding Dory’s parents.

But there’s only one problem – she has short term memory lost; not the best ailment to incur when trying to find something.

Luckily for her, Nemo and Marlin are willing to come along to provide much needed moral support.

However, unfortunately for her, it isn’t long until she misplaces them as well.So, just to recap, not only has she lost her parents, but now she’s lost her only friends too. 

But being the lovable fish she is, it’s doesn’t take long until she befriends a somewhat sinister accomplish in the form of a seven tentacled octopus. And so the quest continues.

As always, the cinematography in this film is at its usual outstanding quality, but I would expect nothing less from a Disney Pixar collab.

Finding Dory, did, at first glance, seem like just another excuse for Disney to generate some extra revenue from a preexisting franchise, but it’s heartwarming story and phenomenal animation proved this expectation to be nothing more than a ridiculous rumour.