Alice Through the Looking Glass

The hatter just got a whole lot madder.

As the Disney live action saga continues Alice finds herself taking on time himself to save her dear old hatter.

No, it’s not a misprint, time really is a person; a man in fact. A very mean man to be perfectly honest, but I suppose someone has to have the job of deciding when your times up, right?

Wrong. Time soon gets a cog thrown in his works when he finds himself at war with Alice as he refuses to let her go through the looking glass to save the hatter.

Rather him then me; she did kill the jabberwocky after all – just saying.

But don’t be disheartened, this film is not all about conquering evil Time people; it also has a classic hilarity lying behind its somewhat serious exterior. I mean with Sacha Baron Cohen as the main character it’d be hard not to have a laugh. Let’s just say if you like puns, then it’s about time you watched this film.

If you, like me, remember the prequel to this film, then you will remember the gothic fantasy that Tim Burton had spewed onto the screen, unfortunately the sequel doesn’t quite hold such etiquette.

Just looking at Johnny Depp as the hatter is enough to make anyone queasy, but the directorial clutz doesn’t stop there; most of the film makes you wonder whether you’ve accidentally been slipped some LSD before entering the auditorium, but alas, it seems as though this was the intention.

Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with making the set look like it’s been recycled from an old Willy Wonka film, it just seems to somewhat distract from the overall storyline, but hey, he gets an A+ for effort from me. It is supposed to be a wonderland after all, and if there’s one thing this film will do, it’ll make you wonder.