Older doesn’t always mean wiser.

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Finding herself a little worse for wear after the birth of her third child, Marlow follows her brothers advice and seeks assistance from a night nanny.

Despite being labelled as a comedy drama, this film is anything other than comical, as the seriousness of life becomes an ever-growing deeper seeded problem for this overwhelmed mother of three.

Charlize Theron takes this role in her stride as she heroically channels the challenges of motherhood with effortless finesse, making the story both believable and relatable without comprising on the film’s desired production.

Though the film faults itself with false advertisement and a somewhat limited audience base, the intrinsic talent is enough to carry the weightless and often disappointing plot.

Atomic Blonde

Badass, blonde and beautiful; in short, the perfect secret agent. And the best part? She’s a woman.

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In 1980s Berlin, MI6 agent, Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron), is set an impossible mission; collect a dossier and bring down an espionage group before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Director, David Leitch, responsible for such movies as V for Vendetta and The Bourne Legacy, injects a drive of action that is contagious, by creating a fast-paced atmosphere that sends electricity through the seats of its onlookers. With a 1980s backdrop, Leitch has excelled in directorial magnificence, using idyllic settings such as cult themed hotel rooms to frame the eerie danger of the plot.

Charlize Theron takes girl power to the next level as she steals the lead role in this film and absolutely smashes it out of the park. From her effortless control of the screen to taking on her own stunts, she manages to give even the one and only James Bond himself a run for his money.

Though wrought with violence and embedded with an excessive amount of vulgarity at times, this film is a visual pleasure and a step in the right direction for equal rights amongst men and women in the acting industry.