Potentially one of the most confusing story-lines to hit cinema screens this year, but a tremendous example of science fiction mayhem nonetheless.

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Though hard to decipher where the plots beginning, middle and end occurs, the film remains captivating throughout due its phenomenal and consistent adventurous side. 

As with most science fiction excursions, Arrival did not disappoint in showcasing its alien origins. From mysterious warping of the earths atmosphere, to somewhat debatable ideologies of new extra terrestrial beings, the films production and design team truly did take every opportunity they could to create an unnerving environment.

With a film as visually demanding as this one, you would be forgiven for thinking that Director, Denis Villeneuve, blew the majority of his budget on the special effects. But thankfully it would seem that he left just enough to employ a star studded cast, led by Forest Whitaker, Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams.

With a stellar cast and very big plot twist, it would be hard not to enjoy this film, and yet if there is anything that lets this film down, it’s the amount of screen time, that seems almost never ending at points.