The Do-Over

Probably the most unlikely duo in Hollywood, but hey I guess if it’s funny it works, right?

Rekindling an old friendship is always a risk, but when your so called friend plans your fake death and ruffies you to make sure you don’t freak out, it’s probably time to start questioning your so called relationship.

That’s right, whilst on a drug fuelled getaway these two guys take things to the next level when they fake their own deaths to get a fresh start.

However when it came to replacing their identity they didn’t exactly pick the best of people to impersonate; some might even go as far to say that they made the worst possible decision.

But that’s face it, watching Adam Sandler try to impersonate a homosexual criminal is nothing but easy comedy.

So, if you want a film to veg out to, then this is a Netflix and Chill must, because nothing says relaxation more than watching David Spade in an awkward threesome.


Not the most conventional superhero, but hey, we can’t all be perfect.


The story of Deadpool is one riddled with heartbreak, and yet at the same time fantastically humorous. This film tells the story of how a man struggling with a deathly disease loses the love of his life by becoming a heroic vigilante.

Crude is certainly one way to describe this guys heroics, but ridiculous is probably a lot a more accurate. With a hello Kitty lip balm always in his possession and a sparkly pink bag to carry his guns in, it’s safe to say this is no ordinary superhero story.

But who’s to say this guy really is a hero, I mean he doesn’t save citizens, nor does he spread goodwill, in fact he does just the opposite; filled with vengeance and eager to chase it, Deadpool finds himself on a bloodthirsty mission.

What starts out as a straightforward plan, soon turns into a chaotic plot twist, as Deadpool strives to defeat his enemies using a combination of wit and an extraordinary number of backflips.

However, before you all go running to this cinema, I feel I must warn you, this is not a classic marvel family film, it’s rated 15 for a reason; bloodshed, filthy language, and just about every sexual innuendo over the sun should be enough to put most mothers off.