Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Hollywood’s biggest musical marvel is back with a new wave of sporadically cringeworthy sing-a-long hits.

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After the loss of her mother, Sophie decides to pursue her mother’s dream and renovate her hotel into a magical haven, but not all goes to plan when some unexpected guests make an appearance at the grand opening.

Though it seemed quite possible that all the ABBA hits had already been exhausted in the first film, this new installment shows just how wrong an assumption that was, as the old songs are recycled to showcase new stories.

Despite Meryl Streep not taking the lead role in this latest film, the cast members, new and old, seem to make for an equally enjoyable presence onscreen, as their talent radiates throughout, with the likes of Cher and Andy Garcia being added to the already star-studded cast.

Whilst this film holds all the same promise as the first, it does somewhat disappoint in terms of the plot dynamic, which tends to create confusion in place of satisfaction. Donna’s (Meryl Streep’s’) death, for instance, is carelessly overlooked as no explanation as to how and or why is provided.

The Greatest Showman

A show that shoots for the stars, but hits the moon.

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P.T Barnum has an extraordinary need for greatness, but a not so extraordinary bank balance to match. What starts as a naive passion project soon escalates into one of the greatest shows in the world, as Barnum rallies the most unlikely of troops to put on a truly unique show.

With Hugh Jackman sitting front and center at the helm of this film as B.T. Barnum, and an equally impressive cast of supporting actors, from Zac Efron to Michelle Williams, this film certainly provides the talent to back this infamously impactful story of inequality and ambition.

Director Michael Gracey provides a backdrop that relishes the acting talent, as all components of this heartfelt and authentic film culminate to create a visionary dream that envisages a world without judgment, with music at its very core.


La La Land

With an opening scene that literally sings the films praises, it’s hard to not love this type of controlled cinematic wizardry.

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Some say romance is dead. This film begs to differ. Ryan Gosling (Sebastian) and Emma Stone (Mia) both delight in what is an exceptionally produced triple threat assembly, with ample amounts of passion, hope and love.

Getting noticed in Hollywood is just about as easy as trying to find a needle in a haystack, and quite frankly often a game of chance. This is a realisation that our main characters Sebastian and Mia must face as they pass from job to job with little hope of a break anytime soon.

Not only is this film crammed with horrendously catchy musical intersections that will have you tapping your way home, the choreography that accompanies these numbers is also mesmerizingly spell binding in its execution.

At times this film really does feel as though you have been catapulted into the struggles of 21st century Hollywood, with colours that captivate you and camera angles that almost will you into the scene.

La La Land encompasses everything that Hollywood has lost, and for that it will create an eruption of nostalgia that will leave it sailing into the cinematic history books.