Life is a tough enough battle to fight as it is, but it becomes an uphill battle when societies concept of normalcy is comprised.

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August Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), is, in all other aspects of his life, a perfectly ‘normal’ 10-year-old boy, except for one small insignificant aspect; he doesn’t exactly look normal. Since his inception into this world, August has battled with a rare genetic disorder which resulted in facial abnormalities.

The film takes on Augusts’ struggles as he navigates his way through Middle School, and tackles unforgiving hardships on his way to igniting friendships.

Straight from the pages of R.J. Palacio’s book ‘Wonder’, director, Stephen Chbosky, doesn’t shy away from the unrelenting sadness of the storyline, but instead embraces it with both hands, showing August’s life as he retreats into the shadows and braves the light.

With Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson taking the lead roles as August’s parents, the film is able to create a feeling of deep empathy that reverberates through the audience and hits the pit of one’s heart, as the realization of impact for August’s family is nothing short of devastatingly beautiful.

This film is not only an important discovery for the unrealistic expectations of Hollywood cinema, but also provides an unwavering glimpse into societal perceptions, which are as far from accepting as can be.

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