Rough Night

A bachelorette to remember, but all for the wrong reasons.

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When a group of girls get together to celebrate their friend’s bachelorette party, things soon go from bad to detrimental as the night quickly meets a very sticky end; that’s not a euphemism.

With Scarlett Johansson heading up this badass girl gang and the likes of Kate McKinnon shortly behind, the standard of acting is well above expectations.

The script too, delights with scenes that are cringeworthy in the best possible way. From inappropriate sex scenarios to using Advil in attempt to resurrect a dead body, this film delights in its ridiculousness.

Whilst the premise of this film is based upon whimsical futility, the film has a whole host of comedic goldmines that leave the audience in stitches of laughter.


One thought on “Rough Night

  1. I actually didn’t find this movie as funny as I think it could have been. I thought the Jillian Bell character was terrible. As an Australian I would have liked an Aussie Actress but Kate McKinnon did a really good job with the aussie humour.

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