King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

A classic tale is turned into an epic adventure as Guy Ritchie sprinkles it with a little magic.

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Though born into royalty, Arthur is brought up in poverty following his parents demise at the hands of his uncle, which leaves him unknowingly carrying greatness upon his shoulders.

Guy Ritchie does what he does best, casting his unique style into the direction of this film; as the plot builds, so does the speed of the action, exhilarating with such vigour, you leave the cinema feeling slightly windswept. But to counteract this feeling of excitement, Ritchie slows down scenes to highlight his classic slow-motion angles, creating stand-out moments at the heart of the action.

The soundtrack, too, is unnervingly accurate, keeping the audiences’ emotions in check throughout the action and into the emotion; as if you’d expect anything but brilliance from the director behind the Sherlock Holmes films.

Though having to withstand David Beckham’s attempt at ‘acting’ for  potentially the longest three minutes of our lives, the rest of the cast exceeds all expectations, showing of their numerous talents and living up to their household names.

6 thoughts on “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

      1. Its not only that, the over reliance on his style and visual effects sucked the life out of it -SPOILER- e.g. arthur decided to stop resisting not bec. of a so called tyrannical king and his friends are dying, but because he got a vision after wailing in the mud so that the movie can make a montage out of it.

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      2. Yeah, I get that a lot of people aren’t a fan of this film, I have a friend who thought it was dreadful. All I can really say is I personally really enjoyed it and I’m sorry you didn’t! But I completely understand the reasons why.

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