Chip happens; with a pun like that how could you expect anything but brilliance from this comedic venture?

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The Californian Highway Police, known to the locals as ‘CHiPs’, are perhaps the least appreciated force in LA, but no more will they stand aside and endure throw away insults, as an undercover FBI agent is about to blow their street cred into the stratosphere.

Though classic humour is made divisive throughout, it is definitely a quality that curates laugh out loud laughter no matter the size of the audience.

Dax Sheppard is not only starring in this film alongside Michael Pena, but is also the writer and director. And whilst he might not be the next Quentin Tarantino, he certainly has adequate talent to create a film well worth a watch, which creates both humour and emotion.

It is, at heart, a film that revolves around ridiculous stunts and relentless punning, but nevertheless is bound to bring joy amongst an ever-growing dramatic world of cinema.

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