Viceroy’s House

Tremendously historic in its execution, this film proves that peace and war do not go hand in hand.

Image result for the viceroy's house

As the last British Viceroy in India, Lord Mountbatten has the task of delivering India to its people, inducing their freedom. But with a civil war breaking out between Hinduism and Islam, a division of the country is imminent.

With a film as magnificently drenched in historic realism as this one is, it was with the utmost importance to keep the script as tactful as possible. Keeping this is mind, the writers managed to create a story of love and loss to retell one of the most horrific governmental decisions to date. 

Hugh Bonneville (Lord Mountbatten) and Manish Dayal (Jeet) show both parts of this story through the perspectives of a British master and an Indian servant.

The cultural competence present within this film is a refreshing look at Indian culture and allows for a non-stereotypical taste at 1947 India.

Though the film is unlikely to reach as bigger an audience as perhaps it ought to, anyone who does watch this film is sure to go away with a newly found respect for a story that is all too often forgotten.

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