Beauty and the Beast

Full of beauty, but not at all beastly.

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A classic Disney tale gets a revamp in this live action extravaganza, which excels all expectations.

To even attempt to explain the magical sense of belonging this film has encompassed is simply an impossibility. 

From the phenomenal casting that brings some of the greatest actors of our time to the screen, to special effects that are beyond beautiful, this film truly brings an aesthetic and musical appeal that is hard to find in today’s modern cinematic exploits. 

Dan Stevens as the beast and Emma Watson as Belle couldn’t be a more perfect fit; not to mention they both surprise in their singing ability. Both, however, are just two of the stars in an outlandishly gifted cast.

What is so pleasantly unexpected about this retelling is the subtle changes to a tale as old as time.

Disney has always been at the forefront of change, with daringly bold choices and regardless of the consequences that may unfold, they have never wavered their morals, and this film is no exception. 

The introduction of LeFou, Gaston’s faithful accomplish, as a gay character, was a powerful reminder of political remission and a wonderfully warming encouragement for the LGBT community. 

Beauty and Beast is the perfect accompaniment to any family cinema excursion, showing audiences both young and old the importance of love through adversity.

6 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. Wonderful review! I only saw this film recently but it is definitely a beautiful film! Made me remember why I love the animated version and still did it justice while also infusing a humor all its own!

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    1. It made me appreciate the animated version more too, but yes the new version is equally as awesome!


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