Kong: Skull Island

A giant ape isn’t the only thing to worry about on this island; all manner of beast is present, human’s included.

Image result for kong skull island poster

From very little advertising, this film seems to have come out of the cinematic woodwork without much of a voice. But despite its surprise appearance, this film excels all expectations, reminding cinema goers of the much-loved Jurassic Park vibes; everything is new and nothing is expected.

Kong now lives on an island hidden by Mother Nature’s elements, but he is not the only unusual species on the island, as inevitably human explorers discover.

Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson head up this mission as the key members of the exploration team. The casting of this film is nothing short of impressive, the cast is star-studded and full of talent, and only adds to the film’s surprising success.

Though the acting is verging on excellence, it is the CGI that takes the gold medal amongst the post-production team; at no point do you ever question the use of a green screen or explosive devices. Every detail of this film has been so brilliantly thought driven and well executed; it can only be described as exceptional. The film hides its manufacturing so well that it portrays itself in seamless harmony.

There is not much to be said about the plot without spoiling it, but be assured that it is a beautifully written script, that encompasses every aspect of emotion you could ever wish to find.

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