A devastating end to Hugh Jackman’s stint as Wolverine is filled with emotional blunders and revelations. 

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Though we all knew this day would come, it doesn’t make the overall outcome any better. Especially given the fact Wolverines not exactly in the best shape with his metal plating slowly killing him from the inside out. 

As if Logan’s imminent death was not enough to put a downer on the end of this particular marvel series, there is a prolonged sense of loneliness and pessimism throughout the film, which seems a little much, even for Wolverine.

Marvel, have, I think, given Wolverine the send off he deserved, all things considered, and at the very least left the audience with the optimism for a future generation of x-men.

No superhero film is complete without a few explosions and handing over a couple of million to the stunts and CGI departments. And I think we can all say that this character certainly went out with a bang.

There’s very little point discussing Jackman’s acting, because it’s probably one of the only roles he’s befitting for. But the little Wolverine prodigy, Laura, played by Dafne Keen, is not only greatly gifted in terms of talent, but is also a total badass.


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