Assassin’s Creed

As Hollywood grasps at straws for worthwhile material, we, the viewers, are left with gaming based tragedies, the result of which is Assassin’s Creed.

Image result for assassin's creed film

Quite apart from it being a ridiculous concept for a film in the first place, the actual story line that results from the creation does nothing but confuse throughout. Not only do the ideologies surrounding the film go unexplained, the actors attempting to contextualise them seem non-the-wiser themselves.

Between the hideously poor  attempts at first person camera angles and the irritating persistence of the flashbacks that are enough to make you nauseous, it really is hard to pinpoint which part of this film is most traumatic.

Given the fact that the film bases itself on its gaming counterpart, you would have thought the creators and stunt team would at least be capable of creating a coherent fight scene. You’d be wrong. The action-based scenes, of which there are a lot, seem very forced and often even jilted at times, almost as though those involved have forgotten to act accordingly. 

Unfortunately, it would seem that not even the media hype that has unfolded around this films release will be enough to save it from itself. 

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