Collateral Beauty

When the unimaginable happens, it’s hard to make reality count.

Image result for collateral beauty film

In this touchingly heart wrenching drama, Howard (Will Smith), a businessman spiralling out of control, must learn to come to terms with some of life’s toughest questions following the untimely death of his daughter.

After finding out that Howard has been writing letters to Love, Death and Time, his work-partners begin to get a little concerned about his sanity. A worry only further escalated when he begins to have conversations with these abstracts in public.

Developing a story around non-existing beings as obscure as abstract states of mind is beyond complex. But remarkably director David Frankel has accomplished a stunning story that is utterly compelling in it’s execution.

Whilst the story itself will entice audiences all around the globe, it is the star-studded cast selling that story that makes this film one of best of 2016, with even Jacob Latimore, a fairly new addition to the acting world, making a lasting impact on this films overall cohesiveness.

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