Moana; a nautical journey that hits every musical bone in the body. 

Image result for moana

Young Moana has only one job; find Maui, the demigod responsible for her islands demise,  and make him restore it to its prime. 

Almost predictively, as is the case with most Disney productions, this quest soon turns out to be a lot harder than first imagined. 

Though this is a film of gargantuan adventure, it is still rammed full of shameless comedic scenes throughout, mainly starring debatably the best character, hei hei the rooster, who, through no fault of his own, is probably the dumbest chicken you ever shall set your eyes upon. 

With this being a musically orientated animation, you were probably quite rightly concerned that you would be subject to Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson’s singing voice, but worry not; a lot like the removal of a plaster, it is quick and painless.

The same, however, cannot be said for the inappropriately sized diva crab who, despite being given a relatively small part within the film, is awarded a two minute solo that must be endured in its entirety.

From a crazy coconut army to tattoos that come to life, the creators truly have ensured that their audience remains captivated throughout this feature. And once again, Disney have absolutely nailed the animation aspect film-making, and created a production finish that any professional animator would be proud to call their own; which they have, hence the Disney stamp of approval.

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