The Light Between Oceans

A remarkably sad film about a light; a cinematic oxymoron if ever there was one.

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What starts out as a gloriously gorgeous love story is soon plummeted to the deepest darkest dramatic depths as family love becomes outrageously forbidden when a family stow away a child that is not rightfully  their own. 

Though tremendously heartbreaking, this period drama excels in ways modern love stories simply cannot. Being stranded on a lighthouse island with nothing but one another’s company and no internet or TV to keep you entertained is an impossibility in this day an age. 

From the genius behind The Place Beyond the Pines, Director Derek Cianfrance delights once more with his remarkable ability to make an audience feel a characters every emotion.

But it’s not just the Director’s performance that is admirable, Michael Fassbender also manages to deliver a profound performance with a touchingly genuine enthusiasm for his character. 

The only slight qualm with these lovable actors is their inability to perform an accurate Australian accent, which considering the films coastal Australian setting, one would assume this would take priority during casting, but clearly it did not.

Though this film is one of love and loss, if you ignore the failing Australian interpretation, it truly is worth a watch even if it does end up bringing a tear to the eye.

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