I, Daniel Blake

Such a horrendously accurate depiction of life on benefits in Britain is brought to the big screen, and boy does it tug on those heart strings.

Image result for i daniel blake

A character known as Daniel Blake takes centre stage in a film that follows his trivial pursuit to gain the benefits he deserves after falling too ill to continue working. 

In what seems like an ongoing battle of injustice, we, as the audience, follow his ever worsening quest for benefits which in turn leads to his continuing decline in health.

Dave Johns, a comedian and first time actor, takes on the role of Daniel Blake in what makes for a stunning breakout role which will almost definitely be a memorable performance in cinema for years to come. 

What is most important in the production of this film is the time that has been taken to truly understand the story of each character. Rather than spend obscene amounts of money on unnecessary props and sets, Director Ken Loach, has instead focused upon his characters and let them speak to the audience with their stories alone, making the need for excessive budgets redundant. 

In a film industry where we have almost lost perspective of real-life stories of love and hardship, this film really does spark up an ever darkening reality of life. 

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