Doctor Strange

Marvel offers up another dose of superhero genius in this masterfully engineered take on perhaps its most unusual character yet.

Image result for doctor strange

Doctor Strange, as the name may suggest, is full of endearing magical fantasies and unexplainable feats of gravity; it is not a straightforward saving the world type of film.

Benedict Cumberbatch of course takes the lead in this mythological sci-fi as Doctor Strange. Not only does Cumberbatch manage to play the character almost effortlessly, he also sports an American accent that would impress even the most conservative of Americans.

Acting aside, this film is crammed full with CGI magic, from Matrix style gravity defying fight scenes to Inception induced building manipulation, this film is awe-inspiring in its production alone. 

Marvel, it seems, have finally listened to their consumers and created a film that both impresses on a visual and intellectual level. As opposed to using the majority of their budget on tireless and more often than not, futile, marketing  campaigns. So really this film is a win-win for everyone involved. 

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