Where do babies come from? A question as old as time.

Image result for storks film

Well it turns out our parents weren’t lying to us; they really do come from storks, highly chaotic and not at all capable storks, but storks nonetheless.

Now, if like me, you saw the trailer for this film and weren’t exactly filled with excitement, then you will be pleasantly surprised, because this is one of the funniest family films of 2016.

To be honest the quality and fluidity of the animation could win awards on its own. And it almost certainly gives Disney’s animation studios a run for their money.

With a plot that looks as if it will stumble at the first hurdle this film actually surprises in its execution, taking an initially dull start and excelling it into a heart-warmingly hilarious adventure.

Storks ticks the boxes on most family checklists, from charming characters to unyieldingly seamless animation.

And the best thing about this film? It’ll finally stop your kids from asking the question that every parent dreads.

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