Swiss Army Man

There’s no better way to survive the wilderness on your own than enlisting the help of a corpse and turning him into your very own survival kit.

Image result for swiss army man

No, this is not a joke; someone really did make this into a film.

Just when you thought this film couldn’t get any weirder, along comes a plot twist that propels all sanity out of the window as we discover that not only has a lost and bewildered islander befriended a corpse, but the corpse himself has superpowers. And it’s not the superhero kind, but rather the fire fart starting and dead body water retention kind.

What makes the film even more hilariously ridiculous is the fact that they cast Daniel Radcliffe as the dead guy; safe to assume his career has gone nothing but downhill following his childhood stardom as the lead in the Harry Potter franchise.

Apart from the utterly insane storyline that somehow made its way to the big screen, this film actually delights in production and originality; the sets alone are enough to deal with living with a corpse.

Though to most this film will seem almost taboo, for others who can appreciate it, the film is in its own way endearing with its airy fairy way in which it describes the big bad world that we live in. Because beneath all of the corpse puns and inappropriate jokes lies one of life’s most important questions – what is our purpose?

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