Captain Fantastic

Living in the wild with no amenities and not being dependent on any possessions is a euphoric dream for most people sick of the hum drum of life, but for the Cash family this is their life, and their dad is the Captain; Captain Fantastic.

Image result for captain fantastic

Whilst their dads intentions to bring up his children without 21st century dependencies is admirable, it is really not practical, especially when it leads to losing the love of his life and the mother of his children. 

The very premise that this film is based upon is the necessity for love above all else, and yet it has an underlying story of mental health, that proves even the happiest of families can be susceptible to diseases of the mind.

A phenomenal message that is constantly reiterated by this on screen family, is that family is worthless and irreplaceable and wealth and the ‘real’ world is futile to creating a happy ever after. 

The film not only explores the tragedy of loss and the hindrance that segregation from reality can bring, but also the political scepticism that comes from those who chose to rebel against the standardised way of existing. 

Captain Fantastic showcases a powerful message that shows the vulnerabilities of being a citizen in the modern world. And the acting is pretty good too…

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