The Angry Birds Movie

As the title suggests, this is a film about birds; angry birds.

So I’m sure you’re all familiar with the game, right? Good. Because the film is absolutely nothing like it.

The only familiarity is the characters. And obviously the whole birds vs. pig thing they have going on.

The story itself takes a while before you can truly invest in it. But the characters are enough to carry it for the first half of the abysmal storyline. Mainly because the casting of the main character Red (named ‘Red’ because he is always super angry, and for the more obvious reason being that he is actually red) is so exceptional that it the actual storyline itself could never match it anyway. So who did they get to voice this unforgiving angry bird? None other than Mr.Grumpy himself, Josh Gad. Yup, that’s right; the dude who voiced Olaf is now the angriest bird in all the land.

Now, I don’t want to put anyone off, but as aforementioned the film does take a while to take off before you feel fully engrossed. But to make the wait a little more manageable, the writers have also crammed the script full of unapologetic jokes, some of which are of a surprisingly adult nature; so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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